Friday, September 4, 2009

A New Chapter

My grandma was a writer, and she always used to say that when you start a new phase of life, you start a new chapter. Marriage absolutely christens the beginning of a new phase of life, so I thought it would be fun to mark this new phase with the beginning of a new writing project: Re:birth. And more, my wife wants me to start a blog so that one day I can become famous like the woman from Julie and Julia. :)

August 23rd, 2009, 555PM, at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA, I was married to Rachel D'Aun Goble. It was an incredible event, filled with family and friends, love and hope and laughter, goofiness and creativity, and an appreciation of the God that not only brought us all together but will continue to guide us as we navigate life together. The day was both a blur and filled with little moments that I wish cherish forever. From dress mishaps to homemade sensory deprivation goggles (courtesy of my groomsmen) and jokes with my mom as I escorted her to her seat; from almost-tears as my girl walked down the aisle to just wanting to be pronounced husband and wife; from a face covered with lipstick to great food and wine and pictures and cake cutting and dancing and bouquets and garters and joyful smiles; and finally, driving away in a '36 Ford, the celebration over and life together brilliantly begun - it was a gift of a night that will always mark the wonderful start of Kevin and Rachel Carey.

I got the idea for this blog while we honeymooned in Italy (Rome and Florence specifically). The home of the Renaissance seemed like the perfect launching point for two lives becoming one - a kind of spiritual, emotional, and physical rebirth of once disparate worlds now joined together for as long as the two will live. And I love that after the immensity of August 23rd, we got to take in the immensity of a country whose influence on the western world cannot be overstated.

So I'll close with some thoughts on family, since that's what began on our wedding day. First, my family. Through so many ups and downs, my family has been so incredible in their love, their steadfastness, their support, their encouragement, their understanding, and in the way they challenge me to be a better man. Their presence in my life, especially over the last three years, has breathed new life into me and fueled the rebirth that I get to write about now. And the way we've been able to deal with the craziness of this summer is something I'm so proud of (and will write about more). Secondly, Rachel's family. They have taken me in and shown Rachel and I love and support that a son-in-law could only dream of. They say when you marry a girl, you marry her family, and I can't think of better family to marry than the Goble's. And more, watching the Carey's and the Goble's come together over the last year and half has given me so much confidence and hope for our future together.

And lastly, the girl that I get to spend the rest of my life with, build a home and a family with, embark on adventures with, travel the world with, and pursue God's heart with is so incredible that I can't help but laugh when I think about the gift I've been given. As I look forward into a lifetime together, I'm so excited to watch our lives meld to produce something wonderfully brand new. A rebirth of sorts.

Yes, Grandma Carey, a new chapter has begun for sure.